Create a more enjoyable
gaming experience

GameWith, which was launched in September 2013.
We are not only providing game-playing tips but are also creating the surrounding environment necessary for better enjoying games by providing such services as game review, video streaming and a user community.
Game users want to find interesting games and partners with whom to enjoy games.
The game industry would like to help users become more familiar with games and encourage them to continue to be game users over the long term.
Our corporate philosophy is creating a more enjoyable gaming experience by satisfying the desires of both users and the industry.

Top message

GameWith was started in 2013 in an apartment room.
At that time, the main battleground of the smartphone industry was moving from browsers to apps, and games were becoming more and more sophisticated. In this situation, the needs for game-playing tips were increasing.
Three months after the foundation of the company, we launched the prototype of what GameWith is now.
At first, our main service was providing a forum for users to ask and answer questions among themselves, but the service was later modified in order to adapt to the user needs. Now, dedicated writers who are top gamers are writing high-quality articles.
Previously, existing sites providing game-playing tips were mostly operated by individuals. However, by employing top gamers and providing high-quality articles to coincide with game events and updates, GameWith has succeeded in winning user support and has grown into the operator of one of the largest sites for game-playing tips in Japan.
In addition to Game Guide, which provides game-playing tips, we have started Game Review, which is encouraging more and more people to use GameWith as a site to find new games.
Going forward, we will expand beyond the realm of media into new fields such as game community and eSports businesses while continuing to provide game-playing tips as the core business.
"Get absorbed in games, be connected through games, and focus on games as a business."
With this approach, we aim to create a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Company Outline

Company Name GameWith, Inc.
Business Media business, including provision of game-related information
Date of Foundation 2013-6-3
Directors and Corporate Auditors

Representative and PresidentTakuya Imaizumi

Executive Officer,
Head of Corporate Planning Office,
Head of Finance and Accounting Division
Shujiro Ito

Executive Officer, COO,
Head of Personnel Division
Head of e-Sports Business Division
Noriaki Ogata

DirectorTomoyuki Takechi

DirectorHirokazu Hamamura

Permanent Corporate AuditorTomoyuki Hangai

Corporate AuditorKatsunari Goto

Corporate AuditorToru Morita

Executive Officers

Executive Officer,
Head of Entertainment Business Division
Yuta Shigetoh

Executive Officer,
Head of Business Administration Division
Head of Legal and External Affairs Division
Hideyuki Hiyoshi

Capital Amount ¥549 million (as of the end of May 2021)
Address Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 20F, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-6120, Japan
Azabu-juban Office Sumitomo Fudosan Azabu-juban Bldg. 4F, 1-4-1 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0073, Japan
Consolidated Subsidiary AtWiki, Inc.
GameWith NFT, Inc.