Notice regarding the Acquisition of DetonatioN, Inc., the Operator of eSports Team “DetonatioN Gaming,” as a wholly owned subsidiary of GameWith, Inc.

Press Release2021/10/29

GameWith, Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative and President: Takuya Imaizumi; Securities code: 6552; hereinafter, the “Company”) hereby announces that it has resolved to acquire all shares of DetonatioN, Inc. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo; Representative and President: Nobuyuki Umezaki; hereinafter, “DetonatioN”), the company known for running professional eSports team “DetonatioN Gaming,” making it a wholly owned subsidiary.




Purpose of share acquisition

Based on the corporate principle of “creating a more enjoyable gaming experience,” the Company has been expanding its business in the gaming industry with the game information medium at its core. The eSports market in Japan continues to grow, and its market value is estimated to reach 18 billion yen by 2024*. The Company is committed to the eSports market, including its focus on running our professional eSports team, “GameWith.” The Official Supporters Club for the professional eSports team was established in May 2021 to provide services for fans, such as producing merchandise, organizing eSports events, and reaching out to more companies to expand the business into new areas.


* KADOKAWA CORPORATION “The size of the Japanese eSports market in 2020 will be 6.68 billion yen: Famitsu Announcement” – Issued April 16, 2021



The Company has decided to acquire all shares to combine its streaming focused eSports business with the professional eSports team that DetonatioN has been running, among other strengths. The acquisition will make such a combination possible and open new possibilities to expand our business.





<Takuya Imaizumi, Representative and President of GameWith>

I am very pleased to be able to work together with a company that has been leading the eSports scene in Japan. It is an added bonus that it is timely to do so. DetonatioN is one of the very few eSports teams established in Japan that has made achievements internationally and thus is among the best in the domestic eSports market. We believe that we can create synergies that will lead to the expansion of the domestic eSports market by combining the know-how behind the strengths of DetonatioN with our know-how in information media, video streaming and event organization. It is this belief that drove the acquisition. We will support DetonatioN in their endeavors and expand the domestic eSports market and our business in the eSports sector through this merger.



<Nobuyuki Umezaki, Representative and President of DetonatioN>

I am very pleased to be able to join the group to offer the largest gaming information medium in Japan. Since establishing our team with the slogan “A team that can win on the world stage,” we have strived to contribute to the expansion of the domestic eSports scene from its inception. Thanks to the help of many others, DetonatioN Gaming was able to grow as a globally renowned team. Going forward, this merger will strengthen our partnership and teamwork, enabling us to contribute to the gaming community as we create the environment our athletes need and expand the eSports business.




About Professional eSports Team “DetonatioN Gaming”

“DetonatioN Gaming” is a professional eSports team based in Nagoya.  It is one of the most successful professional eSports teams in Japan that has competed in international tournaments. The team consists of more than 40 players, well-known in many game genres such as MOBA, FPS, TPS, TCG, fighting games, PvP, soccer games, etc. They are constantly striving to compete and win across the globe. In February 2015, a “full-time employment for professional eSports players” was implemented, which became the base for what is now a professional eSports team business model. We also secured a visa for professional athletes for our international players in March 2016. In October of the same year, “DetonatioN FocusMe,” our team competing in a game with one of the largest player bases, League of Legends, became the first team from Japan to make it to the top 16 in a global tournament. They became known as pioneers of professional eSports teams in Japan.




DetonatioN, Inc. Profile

Company Name DetonatioN, Inc.
Representative and President Nobuyuki Umezaki
Address 2-38-1 Minami-Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Established June 15, 2015
Business Activities

・Professional eSports team “DetonatioN Gaming”
・Management of athletes and gaming talents
・eSports Consulting
・Organizing and operating eSports events
・Creation of eSports related assets

Capital  10 million yen


DetonatioN Gaming:




About GameWith

Guided by the corporate philosophy of “Creating a more enjoyable gaming experience,” the Company provides three primary contents on the game information medium “GameWith.” The three key contents are Game Guide, which provides information for effectively progressing in games, Game Review, which provides information to create opportunities to begin gaming, and Video Streaming, which provides video streaming of live gaming by affiliated gaming talents and eSports players. The Company has recently been investing in eSports and blockchain games, expanding its business on a global scale.




Corporate Profile

Company Name GameWith, Inc.
Representative and President Takuya Imaizumi
Address 20th Floor Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established    June 3, 2013
Business Activities Media business providing game information, etc.
Capital   549 million yen (as of the end of August 2021)
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GameWith, Inc. Public Relations: Ryo Fukuda/Marina Go