GameWith Invites Students to Virtual/Physical “Company Visits” for a Hands-on Learning Opportunity
– Studio visits, YouTube live streams, and interviews with game strategy writers:

Press Release2021/02/05

GameWith, Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative and President: Takuya Imaizumi; Securities code: 6552) is pleased to announce that it is now accepting applications for “company visits” from students of all grades—from elementary school to university— across the country. Besides physical visits, students can now visit us online, giving those who find it difficult to have a face-to-face workplace experience or physically visit us with an opportunity for work-related learning and career education.




As part of its initiatives to give back to society, in 2020, GameWith opened its office to students of all grades—elementary, junior high, high school, and university—in a bid to realize “Goal 4: Quality education” of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), thus creating career education opportunities for the next generation of talent. So far, a total of 140 students from 11 schools have taken advantage of this company visit program.

As COVID-19 continues to spread in Japan, company visits and work-related learning opportunities, which many schools organize as part of their curriculum, are either being postponed or canceled one after another, and fewer companies invite prospective students to their offices. To ensure that students have access to such hard-to-find learning opportunities, GameWith has decided to officially open its doors to visiting students, both online and in-person*.

* During states of emergency, student visits to the company are limited to online only.



Sample Program

After a presentation on who GameWith is and what e-Sports athletes and game writers do, students will be shown to the shooting studios for a hands-on experience in live-streaming games and interviewing e-Sports athletes and game writers. During interviews, students are welcome to ask anything that they want to know: what GameWith employees do at work, work styles of affiliated e-Sports athletes, and equipment used to film videos, to name a few. In addition to welcoming physical company visits, we also visit schools, give interviews via teleconferencing, or provide videos of our employees responding to questions from student interviewers.

Accommodating students online makes it possible for students outside of the Tokyo Metropolitan area to have a company visit experience without the need to travel. Students attending schools for special needs education are also welcome to sign up; our employees have visited such a school in the past to give career education to 30 students.



Company Visit Specifications


Introduction to GameWith, interviews with our employees, game writers, and e-Sports athletes, office tour (shooting studios, etc.), original merchandise giveaways, etc.


Elementary, junior high, high school, and university students (students of any grade)


10:00-18:00 on weekdays (not available on weekends and national holidays)


GameWith office

* During states of emergency, student visits to the company are limited to online only.

Time required

30 minutes or longer (varies depending on the number of students and what experience they seek)

Group size

1-10 (please consult us beforehand)


Contact (FIRST NAME) Oya, Communications, GameWith at the following address/number

E-mail: / Tel: 050-5472-8842




What People Have to Say About the Program

◆ A university student

I was very glad to speak directly with their employees. It was a very meaningful time indeed. I’m thinking of applying for a position at GameWith when I graduate. Now that I’ve visited them, my desire to join them is even greater.


◆ A guardian of an elementary school student

Thank you very much for giving us such a great opportunity. We cannot thank the company enough for being so kind in welcoming us. The children were extremely excited as we went home! They felt like what was once a distant world is now real. It sounds like they were talking about their experience today at school. When I say to my child, “What do you need to do to be a person that GameWith would choose?,” he starts his homework right away and heads to cram school without complaint. It’s so amazing! If we have another chance to visit Tokyo, we will definitely visit the company again!


◆ A teacher at a school for special needs education

I must say our students were put in an excellent frame of mind thanks to GameWith! I can see them develop a better attitude—listening to people speak attentively or working on their assignments diligently. The sixth graders have begun writing their graduation pieces, and I saw someone write about their memories at GameWith. I’m sure that the students and myself will remember this interview for the rest of our lives.


◆ Principal, Tokyo Shure Gakuen

First of all, thank you for providing us with this great opportunity to visit the company! Many of our students say that one of the greatest memories from the last semester was to have people from GameWith visit our school. Also, many students said that they were looking forward to visiting the company today. It surprises me how interested they are in this program! As more and more students choose not to attend school, I cannot imagine how many children are saved by games. I have nothing but feelings of respect for the company.





▲ Attributes of the Participants in Company Visits in FY2020
Junior high school students           54%
University students                          28%
Elementary school students           14%
High school students                       4%



What We Have Done So Far

①Company visits

Accepting individual students and groups of students (as many as 35 at once so far)


▲ Students Interviewing an Employee



②Online interviews

A PR person shares responses from e-Sports athletes and game writers to questions from students online.


▲ Answering the questions online


③Providing Interview Videos

A video of GameWith employees giving interviews with students is offered as material for classes at school.




▲ A Thank-You Message from a Student
▲ A Thank-You Video (Screenshot)


④Responding to a questionnaire sent in writing or via e-mail

Responding to questions from students sent by mail or via e-mail


▲ A Hand-written Report Created Based on the Responses from the Company



⑤School visits

Several GameWith employees visit schools to talk about what they are doing and the professions of e-Sports athletes and game writers.

▲ Presentation in a Classroom



About the Services from GameWith

A comprehensive game media outlet, GameWith provides a wide array of unique services, including “Game Guide,” which provides edge-gaining tips on playing games to users, “Game Review,” which helps users to find games that suit their taste, and “Video Streaming,” which is hosted on a video sharing platform by famed gamers and e-Sports athletes with an exclusive contract with GameWith.





Corporate Profile

Company name GameWith, Inc.
Representative and President Takuya Imaizumi
Location 20F, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, 6-10-1, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JapanEstablishment: June 3, 2013
Establishment June 3, 2013
Line of business Media business with a focus on the provision of game-related information
Capital JPY549 million (current as of February 28, 2021)




Please feel free to contact us with your inquiries.
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