Turn Your Gaming Skills into a Job!: One of Japan’s Largest Game Media Outlets, GameWith, is Now Hiring for a New Position “Gameplay Worker”
– Looking for gamers across Japan wanting to share their exceptional gaming skills and strategies –

Press Release2020/11/20

GameWith, Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative and President: Takuya Imaizumi; Securities code: 6552) is pleased to announce that we are now recruiting dedicated gamers across Japan for a new job position: “Gameplay Worker.” This position calls for a dedicated gamer to analyze limited time events and missions while also checking the specs of new playable characters (stats and versatility) in order to promptly post strategies on the website.


Contrary to “Game Strategy Writers” who are required to commute to the Tokyo office, “Gameplay Workers” can entirely work from home, giving them incredible freedom to write strategies from anywhere.




▲ Image of Gameplay Workers 



Game Strategy Writers versus Gameplay Workers


Game Strategy Writers

Gameplay Workers

Contract type

·     Full-time employment

·     Contract employment

·     Part-time employment

·     Outsourcing

Work hours

·    8 hours per day

·     As required

(Ex.) While limited time events are held

Job descriptions

·    Gaming

·    Article writing

·    Website management

·     Gaming





Given the recent self-quarantine measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in people who spend their time gaming at home. In a survey conducted in June 2020 by GameWith, “Gaming experience amidst the COVID-19 pandemic*,” approximately 60% answered that their time spent on gaming has increased. When asked what activities they wished existed, the majority answered, “Making money while gaming (59.2%).” Given the results of the survey and the growing demand for work-from-home positions, we have created a system that allows those with no writing experiences, looking for side jobs, or wanting to work from home to share gaming tips with the community while also enjoying games.

* “A Survey regarding Gaming Experience amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic Administered to Approx. 4,000 Persons,” GameWith release dated September 3, 2020 (




Gameplay Worker Application Overview

Application URL  Application form or



18 and over (No high schoolers)


・Job description

Mainly analyzing new events/missions and new playable characters’ specs, etc.


・Employment type




Home (remote work)



Ranges from JPY10,000–JPY100,000/month (varies on work type)



Very dedicated gamer

Knowledgeable in gaming skills and tips


・Recruitment process

①Enter information on games played and gaming-related skills in the application form

②Contact applicant based on the level of gaming skills and knowledge entered in theapplication form

③Discuss job description via online meeting         

④Sign subcontract form        

⑤Start work



About GameWith, Inc.

Founded with the mission of “creating a world where people have more fun playing games,” GameWith, Inc. provides the three unique services of “Game Guide,” which provides edge-gaining tips on playing games to users, “Game Review,” which helps users to find games that suit their taste, and “Video Streaming,” which is hosted by famed gamers on YouTube. Going forward, we will seek new opportunities overseas, as well as in Japan, and push the boundaries of the gaming industry to include blockchain games and e-Sports events.




Corporate Profile

Company name GameWith, Inc.
Representative and President Takuya Imaizumi
Location 20F, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, 6-10-1, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JapanEstablishment: June 3, 2013
Establishment June 3, 2013
Line of business Media business with a focus on the provision of game-related information
Capital JPY549 million (current as of February 28, 2021)



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