GameWith Establishes a Professional eSports Team

Press Release2018/03/19

We are pleased to announce that GameWith, Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Takuya Imaizumi; Ticker symbol: 6552), has established a professional eSports team in conjunction with the launch of “Clash Royale League”, an official eSports league for the real-time PvP mobile card game, “Clash Royale”, as provided by mobile game development company Supercell (Head office: Finland; CEO: Ilkka Paananen). Using the accumulated knowledge acquired from this initiative, we plan to expand our eSports initiatives.

What is eSports

It is an abbreviation for “Electronic Sports”, a name used for competitive battles using computer and video games. These competitive events in which players battle against one another has become a form of entertainment in which the audience can enjoy the event through various forms of media.

About GameWith’s Professional Team

【Team Name】 

【Team Manager】 
Norimitsu Ohba

I’m certain that all true gamers have been waiting for this moment. By building an appealing team of strong individuals, we aim to be the representative team not only for Japan, but for Asia. It is our aim to be a helping hand to those players who are ready to ‘take on the battle’ in the Clash Royale world.

About the Real-time PvP Mobile Card Game “Clash Royale”

Clash Royale is a real-time PvP action game in which you use a deck of up to eight cards of characters to, in three-minute battle, attack your opponent’s tower while defending your own. While its simple rules make it easy for anyone to jump in and enjoy, the outcome of a match hinges on a variety of factors. From deck building to timing your tactics to your compatibility with your opponent, Clash Royale is a highly strategic game where come-from-behind victories or overtime-sudden-death-victories are always possible, and nothing is over until it’s over.

(The above image is a scene from the “Clash Royale 2017 Crown Championship)


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