GameWith is joined by 5 new game streamers

Press Release2017/10/04

We are pleased to announce that the creators of “Pikutohausu”, “Raddaa”, “k4sen”, “Berukura Kikaku” and “Harupapa” have joined GameWith Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Takuya Imaizumi; Ticker symbol: 6552). In the future, the company will act as a contact for these creators and support them in their activities. We request that any inquiries about tie-ups, event appearances, etc., for the creators be directed to the contact e-mail address below.

[Subscribers] 214,000
Hello everyone! I am usually playing Minecraft, but now I am with GameWith, I look forward to playing not only Minecraft, but various other titles too!

[Subscribers] 128,000
I usually play Minecraft. I’m Raddaa. I am delighted that, now I have support on the administrative side, I will have more time to streaming and video making. Your support is appreciated.

[Subscribers] 146,000
My name is k4sen. I usually post videos of FPSes and Shadowverse. From now on, with the help of GameWith, I would like to make videos that everyone can enjoy!

◆Berukura Kikaku
[Subscribers] 391,000
Hello, my name is Kashiwagi Berukura of Berukura Kikaku Until now I have been doing live streams of overseas home video games, but now I am with GameWith, I would like to broaden the content-range to include other contents such as smartphone apps. Your support is appreciated.

[Subscribers] 82,000
Hi! ! I’m Harupapa! ! I have joined forces with GameWith! I’m enjoying streaming games on YouTube while managing an izakaya! Your support is appreciated!

[Business Activities]
The company already represents creators such as “Naushiro”, “Mujokkusu”, “Yamada” and “Eita”, and as game streaming is expanding as a form of entertainment, we will deliver content that features not only smartphone games, but a wide variety of other games.
Please direct business inquiries, etc., to the e-mail address below.

[Company Profile]
■GameWith, Inc.
Representative: President, Takuya Imaizumi
Head office location: 20th Floor Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established: June 2013
Business activities: Operation of game strategy guide media outlet “GameWith” (